Chandelier for Aquila Yacht


11m high Chandelier




Creation of a lighting solution for four floor high chandelier


Interior Lighting Design


Creating a light solution for a 11m high chandelier, that cascades four levels inside the Aquila Yacht. It includes 38 polished stainless-steel rods. Each rod has an average of 40 handmade crystal glass components, which means 1,520 pieces of crystal. Sets of bearing plates are at the base and top, with plastic filler to hold the rods and absorb vibration underway. An average of 11 struts with absorption strips hold the 38 rods together, meaning there are a total of 51 components on every rod.

To be accessible for maintenance double-sided printed circuit boards integrated into the long crystal that are removable easily. Temeloy could rebuild the original chandelier and tried to keep as many pieces as possible.