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We can help you reduce the environmental impact of your buildings.


Our aim is to be able to design with zero waste by 2025

LifeCycleAssessment Calculator

Easily calculate the environmental impact of all lighting fittings with EF3.0 and WORLD+ methodologies - a tool developed by Tiphaine Treins.


Applying circular economy based on LCA assesment

Worldwide Retail Shop Network // work in progress 2022/23

Developing eco-design solutions in collaboration with lighting suppliers

Temeloy and formalighting built a replaceable LED-module and a eco-designed LED-profile


Co-founding of the initiative Lighting for Good

To develop, interpret, integrate and transfer the knowledge and tools to implement life cycle thinking towards sustainable development in lighting design.

Eco-Lighting innovation brings research and intelligence in the process of designing with light

We use those seven criteria to reduce the environmental impact of our client’s lighting scheme.