Advanced Lighting Design
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Vava II

Vava 2
98m motor yacht - Devonport

Exterior lighting design
Client : Voyons Voir


Vava 2 - 98m long megayacht, Yard Devonport in UK
Exterior lighting design budget: € 1,800,000

- Concept
- Preliminary
- Detailed drawing phase
- Technical feasibility, including suppliers
- Cost estimation
- Installation fulfillment

Requirements: Propose a cutting-edge lighting design for a project already in progress.

Program: Lighting design of the exterior areas of a 98m yacht | Team project: lighting design for the company Voyons Voir; Interior architect: Rémi Tessier - Dernier étage; Yacht designer: RWD; Owner representative: Lighting house

Work achieved: Concept and detailed drawing phase, financial feasibility,technical feasibility,
research and development, project management, call for bids and production management.

Specific developments: Linear flex RGB+W 24V LED, power LED board RGB+W 24V 1,2W, floating lamp rechargeable, LED floor for a swimming pool, cold cathode groove, laser engraved glass lighted by the edge.
Light sources: LED, cold cathode tube, halogen bulbs, metal halide bulbs.


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