Advanced Lighting Design

Arc de Triomphe

ARC DE TRIOMPHE - 2000 Celebration

exterior lighting / internet streaming / multimedia projection

Exterior Lighting Design
Pullman-Eiffel | Les Archives Nationales |
Parc de la Villette | Arc de Triomphe

Requirements: Part of the celebration for the year 2000. Turn the Arc de Triomphe into the internet portal of the unknown with a specific visual landscape inside and outside. Project management: technical feasibility, technical solutions; research and development, identification production management, explore partnership: Inconnu.net, France Telecom, Apple | Team : task made for the company UR, artist: Fabrice Hyber; landscape architecte Gilles Clément | Estimated budget: € 200 000 | Client : French Ministery of Culture, Monum.

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